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Beauty blogging has become an interesting thing.  We mascara-and-serum bloggers used to be so separate from “corporate” magazine editors (Down with The Man!) that it was like night and day.  Now, however, with beauty blogging regarded as a force in its own right, the line occasionally blurs, sometimes to the point where it’s hard to tell the “us” from the “them.”  Who’s writing for the love of it—for the edification of fellow readers, because we might actually be able to help guide people away from the utter crap and toward the good stuff—and who’s just writing for the swag and endless deliveries of free publicist-supplied lipgloss?

I’m pretty honest about the beauty products I don’t like (here’s looking at you Maybelline Great Lash), or the ones I think are insanely over-hyped (what up, La Mer?).  Tonight, however, while rummaging through my personal beauty closet looking for inspiration, I actually considered staying mum on an expensive product I recently tested and didn’t like, because…well…wasn’t it nice of the publicist to send it to me in the first place??  So you didn’t like it, I thought.  Just…er…don’t write about it.  It took me about seven seconds to realize that, of course, my loyalty is to the people who read my blog, not those who try to get me to pimp out their products, and the entire point of this blog is that I’m straightforward and wait everybody to be as painlessly pretty (at the best price!) as possible. 

So, with that long preface, I tried the GHD hair straightener this week, and I was incredibly underwhelmed.  People have been orgasming over this thing for so long and with such intensity that I was convinced it would change my life.  The only thing it changed was the texture of my hair (it’s definitely a bit worse for the wear, although, to be fair, I’d have probably fried my locks a bit no matter what the brand).  It’s over $200, and, I’m sorry, but for that price, your hair straightener shouldn’t just be perfect—it should buy you dinner and do your laundry, too.  Hair straighteners, like mascara, can be a deeply personal thing, and if any of you are among the converted, maybe you’ll let me in on the secret.  But in the meantime, I’m stick to my beloved, trusty, want-to-make-out-with-it-it’s-so-good Solano Sapphire.  Oh, and I’m also vowing never to consider copping out on you again, publicist-inspired-fear be damned.

My non-sleek, frizzalicious hair this weekend, minutes after using the GHD. 

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