Another day, another shot of Gwyneth being fabulous

Gwyneth Paltrow is rocking my world yet again.  What is up, G?  This is how it’s going to be now?  You disappear for eons, leaving me bereft…and then magically reappear again (and again and again), each time looking more flawless than the last?  Looking like this after two children is absolutely ridiculous (and I want the number of your colorist, too).  We also have the perennially-adorable Liv Tyler here, going for the one-two punch of People Prettier Than Anybody I Have Met, Ever.  (Hmm, how much do you think their beauty tax would be?  I place it at 75%.)


Gwyn looks especially pretty because of her eyes; imitate with a generous helping of mascara (or individual false lashes applied at the middle and outer corners of eyes), followed by smudged black liner and shimmer on your browbone

Photo courtesy of DailyMail

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