Big Brother UK is here!

Fellow Anglophiles will either delight or disgust in the official start of summer: Big Brother 2008 premiered yesterday in England.  Now, to understand the cultural impact of Big Bruv, you have to realize that England is much, much, much smaller than America, so the 16 initial housemates make up, like 2% of the entire population.  (I kid, but only sort of.)  Housemates are voted off weekly by the nation (much like American Idol), and the program is shown basically 24/7 on various channels, so voyeurs can—and do—watch in real time as things happen.  Finally, there are several nightly wrap-ups hosted by famous English comedians (Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall hosted a particularly hilarious version of Big Brother’s Big Mouth), and all the newspapers have breathless write-ups on a daily basis.  So even though the numbers for this season’s premiere were the lowest ever, it’s pretty much everywhere on that side of the pond.  Each year I insist I will not watch, bemoan the crappiness of the new contestants, raise my fists at the gods for the deterioration of society…and every year I get sucked in.



Stephanie McMichael believes the most signifcant moment in her life was her birth.  Deep.


Jennifer Clark: 22 year old single mother, model and Cheryl Cole-meets-Demi Moore lookalike



Dale Howard: the resident heartthrob (and egomaniac)



Rachel Rice: former child actress and self-professed proud curvy girl

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