Kate Moss on W Magazine July cover

Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss and some other hot chick (okay, Lara Stone) naked in a bed together…with fabulous hair to boot?  A fantasy that both men and women can get behind!  I cannot express to you how much I covet Kate Moss’s bangs and casual waves here.  Coaxing my cowlick-y frizz into beach babe perfection is something of a Jolie obsession, and considering how messy this style looks (and is supposed to look!) you wouldn’t believe how much flipping effort it takes.  My best method for waves after the jump:



1) Wash hair with a defrizzing shampoo and conditioner (any will do)
2) Scrunch a dime-sized amount of anti-frizz cream into the bottom half of hair to prevent ends from getting crunchy and too flyaway (Sally Hershberger Wreck and Roll Texturizing Cream is a great drugstore option; Phytodefrisant is also excellent)
3) Spritz entire head with a sea-salt spray (I like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray or KMS California Sea Salt Spray)
4) Blow dry bangs, cowlicks, roots, and the area surrounding the face with a paddle brush or Mason Pearson.  (This gives the hair a necessary amount of stylistic polish, to keep the whole look from venturing into homeless beach bum territory)
5) EITHER a) Air dry locks, and keep hands off!  OR b) Blow hair dry, combing through with fingers to enhance texture
6) Use a large barrelled curling iron (a one-inch barrel for short hair, a one-and-a-half-inch barrel for longer hair) to enhance waves on random one-inch chunks of hair around the face below the ears.  (Curling hair about the ears will lead you into beauty-queen territory.  Do not curl your bangs.)  It works best if, for every strand you wrap one way, you then follow by wrapping a different strand the other way. Finish with one or two spritzes of shine spray.  Et voila!


Photos from W Magazine

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  1. Lila

    Sea salt spray is also pretty easy to make–sea salt & water, and it’s pretty much the same as the store bought stuff. I usually add some leave-in conditioner too so my hair doesn’t get crunchy and gross.

  2. yasmine

    Her Hair is too perfect. I have been back and forth about getting bangs. I see hers and I want to make an appt with my stylist ASAP. Nadine what do you think , can you see me with bangs? xoxoxo