Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 22

Doesn’t it seem like a million years ago that creepy men everywhere were counting down until the Olsen twins’ 18th birthday?  Ahh, memories.

Shall we have a little trip down memory lane?  It’s interesting to see how the twins’ look and vibe dramatically and suddenly shifted when they hit 18.  And, I’ve realized that, while I may not always agree with Mary-Kate Olsen‘s fashion and beauty choices, I adore her willingess to experiment and mix-it-up.


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California teen goddesses



At 17, they were still sweet and demure, but MK was beginning to demonstrate a bit more edge by dying her hair dark and setting herself apart from Ashley.  We see the seeds of Homeless Boho chic planted here



18 years old, and suddenly not so sunny anymore.  Maybe it’s no coincidence that this is when they re-entered the general pop culture conscience and began tabloid-staple mainstays


The twins at 20



Weeeelll…hmm.  What to say?  Erm, I like Mary-Kate’s lipstick here!  And…Ashley’s haircolor is nice!



Glamazons and full-on pop culture icons

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  1. meg

    Ever notice that they are almost always in long dresses or baggy pants?? Do they EVER go out in something above the knee?!

  2. I love mary-kate and ashley, there so fun and energetic and have been in the celebrity world for so long! They have had books, dolls, video’s and tv shows even. I wish that I had a life like that but there just the lucky ones aren’t they!

    From Lucy xxx