Vi Peel Before and After Photos…and videos!

Et voila!  You asked for my Vi Peel photos, and here they are.  On the left is the “before” photo, taken six weeks ago.  On the right is the “after” photo, taken this afternoon.  I’m wearing mascara and a little eye shadow in today’s picture, but am not wearing any other makeup; both photos are WYSIWYG.  For a larger, in-your-face (or, rather, in-my-face) version, check out this link

Now that I’ve had a chance to compare the side-by-side shots, the difference is actually pretty remarkable and leads me to say that I would enthusiastically recommend the Vi Peel to those with pigmentation problems.  (My doctors at Profiles Beverly Hills performed mine.)  And, by the way, if the scary “Nadine without her makeup!” photo on the left isn’t the world’s greatest advertisement for Bare Minerals foundation (I told you all I had ruddy, messy skin!), I don’t know what the hell is.

Finally, visit my new Jolie page on You Tube for two laughable videos I took of myself the day and night following my Vi Peel with my new Flip camera.  Seriously.  No making fun.  (Um, and maybe you shouldn’t look at the videos while you’re eating.  Day two of the peel is absolutely disgusting.)  Loving my Flip, however!  I’ll start uploading some fun how-to videos for your enjoyment.

xo, J!

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  1. D.

    You look so sad in your before picture. :( But your skin looks great in the after. :)

  2. That’s amazing. Your skin looks wonderful! My skin is also not the greatest so I will have to check this out. Thanks for being so brave to post those pictures!

  3. Lindsay Clark

    Muchos props to you for having the guts to post no-makeup pics!

    How long will those results last for before you need to do another one? Just curious.

  4. tanya

    okay soo i have very very sensitive skin?? could i still do the treatment??

  5. Yea! I love before and after peel photos. Your hyperpigmentation has improved greatly… I’m about to check out the directly-after photos, I love to see the early stages of peels, it’s exciting knowing whats waiting underneath!

  6. kathleen

    Your skin was beautiful before the peel, but after much less redness. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Jolie

    I, too, have sensitive skin, Tanya, and I was fine. My skin was tight and uncomfortable the first night, and I experienced a TON of flaking and peeling in the days following the peel (as you can see in my gross You Tube videos!), but I didn’t swell or become extra sensitive. I’d use caution if you have truly sensitive skin (i.e., can’t use chemical sunscreens, cannot use exfoliants, have severe eczema or rosacea), but as long as you tell your technician and they use a light hand, you will likely be A-ok.

  8. Laurie

    Love the pictures and the videos! How much does the Vi Peel cost? I’m impressed with the results… but is there a way to cloak the peeling a bit when you have to go out for work and such?

  9. di

    thanks for sharing. it’s stories like this that i love on your blog- you being the guinea pig! have a good wknd!

  10. msgolightly

    did it help with any clogged pores? That and hyperpigmentation are my biggest problems.

  11. Lorie

    I had my first VI Peel on June 17th. I absolutely loved the results until recently. Ever since I returned to my normal routeen my skin is MORE sensitive! I am a disaster! I use Sonya Dakar and Emergen-C products and have loved them and have never had a problem until now. Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so what did you do? The bumps are deep in the skin and all over! Help!

  12. Jolie

    It costs around $200 – $300, and results will last for a year or so, as long as you maintain with a proper regimen. See my post yesterday about Obagi/Skinceuticals/Vivite – all good lines for keeping the pigmentation at bay.

    Don’t expect to get married, attend a high school reunion or red carpet event, or be photographed up close for at least two weeks after, however — your skin will be a little dry and flaky!

  13. caitlin

    ok so i just had the peel at 4 pm today well yesterday. my orientation is on the 12 for school. instead of getting tan my skin is red. how long does it take for that to go away. omg i just read the comment above!! shit im doomed! please tell me the flakiness will go away after a week!!!!! please email me

  14. Kelly

    I’ve had lots of peels before but not the VI peel. I’m having one next week. I usually turn red, get itchy, peel on the lower part of my face and then I’m good to go. Did you pretty much have the same issues? I also noticed you had red patches in your before photo. I have the same type of thing. did the Vi peel get rid of your redness? Did your skin lighten? I know phenol can sometimes lighten skin a couple shades

  15. June

    I am interested in the Vi Peel, particularly the aftercare. Is it ok to put vaseline/petroleum jelly on the flaking skin whilst it’s peeling -just as a lubricant? The reason I ask is that in the past Iv’e had C02 laser and vaseline worked brilliantly and didn’t hinder (in fact helped) the healing process


  16. Sunshine

    I had the VI Peel on Tuesday,and today, Friday, my skin started flaking/peeling like crazy. I had to go out of the house so I thought I would help get my face in better looking condition by picking at the peeling skin (obvious mistake). My skin is now REALLY red where I prematurely peeled and I am afraid I am going to scar. Is there anything I can do? Will the redness on the new skin go away? I already look like a red and brown painting…

  17. Jolie

    June, yes, you can absolutely use Vaseline. It might break you out, but your skin will take a couple of weeks to regulate itself following the peel in any case.

    Sunshine, leave your skin alone, and it will be fine. :) Don’t fret! I’m willing to bet every girl who’s had the Vi Peel has done the same thing you did, and tried to pick her skin off (I know that I did!). I promise, don’t worry.

  18. Madhu

    Wow.. your results are quite dramatic! My skin tone is darker than yours and it turned a shade darker the first two days until everything peeled the third day. I thought the new skin looked great.. but I am still a shade darker after almost a week ! Not sure if this is permanent or if it just takes time for the normalcy to return.

    Do you still use a lot of moisturizer ? I have oily skin by default and now I look like a oil slick !! I am not a happy customer so far !!

  19. Dana

    I had the VI Peel last week on December 17 and it is now 6 days later. My skin tone is fair and very freckly. But, his peel had given my face a wonderful glow and only at day 6. I am very pleased with the results of less than a week. I literally peeled the freckles off my face, and my whole face was covered with them. It was so satisfying…lol. I am going back to see my esthetician today and to purchase the Obaji kit (her recommendation). On another note, my skin is still flakey, red and sensitive but I ws informed to be patient. So, be patient and you will see results :)

  20. Sheila

    My husband says this is fake that you are wearing makeup on your skin in the after photo and have better lighting and better camera. He’s afraid I’ll spend more money on this procedure!!!!

  21. Jolie

    Hi Sheila,
    The photos are not fake, and the lighting and the camera are the same! The only makeup I have on in the first photo is mascara, and the only makeup I have on in the second photo is mascara and a little eyeshadow on my upper lids. I have zero makeup on any other part of my face, and the photos have not been doctors or fixed up in the slightest. That’s just how my skin looked afterward, and the results lasted for months; I was able to go out without makeup and my pigmentation marks faded dramatically.

    With the economy being such, I understand your husband’s reluctance to spend money on a Vi Peel! If you need cheaper alternatives, I’d recommend using a retinol product nightly (such as Green Cream, those from Philosophy or DermaDoctor, or from RoC at the drugstore), use an SPF of at least 30 during the day (Neutrogena Dry Touch sunblock is a wonderful option) and use an over-the-counter fade gel, such as Ambi Fade Cream, which you can get at the drugstore. Good luck!

  22. Elizabeth

    I am on day 5 of peel, and last night my eyelids swelled and are puffy, also my neck and face are very bumpy and a bit swollen. Has this happened to anyone else? I am not sure if it is from the peel or the moisturizer, I am usually not that sensitive. Any ideas?

  23. Barbara

    Hi, I had a peel on Fri. I put the retin A pad on that night and it irritated my skin VERY much. I couldn’t sleep so rinsed it off after 3 hours. Sat I put on some of my own retin A instead of the VI b/c it was less strong. My neck was itchy and had bumps. I used the 2nd VI packet last night and it didn’t burn at all but today I am getting itchy bumps/sores on my jaw line on one side. My eyes got puffy too. I have sensitive skin lower face. Forehead is fine. I didn’t use moisturizer today so I don’t think it is from that.

  24. Rosanne Trabucco

    I don’t see any questions or comments on patients having it done to the chest, shoulder area. Rosanne

  25. Kristina

    I just had my VI peel done last friday, so it had been 7 days now. Most of them already peel off but because I went outside so I put some VI derm sunblock(recomended by the spa I went to). I think the sunblock burn my new skin so now my whole chin is cover with white flacky dead skin. I don’t know if I’m going to have scar or not. I don’t even dare to use the VI derm moisture because it also burn my skin. Do you have any suggestion for me. Thanks.

  26. mw

    I am on my second Vi peel, had it yesterday…love the results of this peel for both skin tone and clearing up blemishes and clogged pores, etc. Even the day of/after, before my skin even starts peeling it looks worlds better. I am wondering if anyone has used the Vi Derm products for maint. I am severely allergic to hydroquinine/quinone whatever that stuff is, but would the other products be any different than my normal glycolic cleanser, moisturizer and 45 sunblock?

  27. Anyone experience under eye skin getting droopy – never had this before and now – 1 week later I am a dropping mess. Help!!

  28. zeynab

    hi i want to know how i can get vi peel just vipeel and how much cost . i live in maryland so is ther any close place to preper that . thankyou