Thread-lifts: just say no!

Thread-lifts jumped in popularity a few years back when Oprah Winfrey promoted them on her show (just like her name-check of thermage sent thousands of women running to the dermatologist to waste their money).  Recently, however, thread-lifts procedures have been waning as patients and doctors are simultaneously beginning to realize that they often can’t support the weight of the skin and are only proving to be temporary fixes.  When I read this post from my docs, I have to admit I was in the dark as to what the hell thread-lifts exactly are; I did a little research, and was pretty grossed out: um, they are basically putting barbed wires under your skin!  According to the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, one surgeon reported that, of the 75 patients he’d performed thread-lifts on, 30 had experienced complications, and 14 of those were treated to the horror show of the barbed thread actually popping out from under their skin.  In other news, I need to go pass out now. 

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  1. K

    Hi Nadine! How’s the Retin A going? i’m going to the dermotologist on monday for a prescription…has the red/scaley period been worth it?

  2. Jolie

    K, I’m loving it! The one-two punch of my ViPeel and Retin-A has made such a huge difference in the texture and quality of my skin. Try Retin-A micro if you are super sensitive, and go for a lighter percentage, such as .025. I use .05, FYI. But, yes, I do like it for myself, and find that with the right balancing regimen and a LOT of sunscreen, it’s great.