Childhood beauty products: Softlips memories

For young women hovering around my age (we nipped at the heels of Generation X and were blessed with an email-free youth distinguished by New Kids on the Block sleeping bags, slap bracelets and episodes of Full House) certain products are inextricably linked to the middle school beauty regimen: Noxzema, Sea Breeze Astringent, Mane and Tail shampoo, Vanilla Fields, and the lipbalm crack of the early 90’s: Softlips.  One slick instantly transports me back to 7th grade and the halls of Haynes Bridge Middle School, where I was the awkward new girl recently moved from Plano, Texas–a simpler, more carefree time that was nonetheless insanely dramatic in the way of all middle school experiences.  I recently received a shipment of Softlips tubes, and it was like Christmas: Vanilla! Cherry! Strawberry! Tinted!  There are even balms certified organic by the USDA in flavors like Honeydew and Pomegranate, although they don’t contain sunscreen like the others do.  I threw a few sticks in my various bags–so I’m never without tasty moisturizing goodness–and have been enjoying a little reminder of the old days.  (All I need now is a boombox blasting Mariah Carey’s Music Box album and I’m set.)


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  1. Oh God, I loved Vanilla Fields. I wore it all thru college – it smelled so good on me that I once had a cab driver tell me at the end of a ride, “Miss, I’ll give you this fare for free if you’ll tell me what you’re wearing, so I can buy it for my wife”.

    Then the heartless SOB’s changed the formula, and now it smells cheap and chemical. Aargh!

  2. I don’t like Softlips. It smells great, but it always leaves this white residue on my lips. Not attractive!

  3. Amy

    Oh how I loved Softlips! My first kiss involved cherry Softlips and “More Than Words” by Extreme. I was so cool…

  4. tanya

    hahah this just made my day.. soft lips and teen spirt deodorant hahah WOW i am feeling old :)

  5. Katherine

    I’m over 40 so I never new about the craze for softlips. I don’t like lipstick but I fill in my lips with a neutral lip liner and coat with softlips.