Pristine Recovery products for women with cancer

As you may know, finding products designed for women battling cancer is very important to me.  I’m partnering with Total Beauty during October to help promote the Total Beauty Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, so stay tuned for more on that front.  Below, a great new find from Cologne, called Pristine Recovery:

When Blaire Kessler, new mother and former Miss Winston Cup, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early thirties, she suffered hair and skin/scarring problems from treatment. After discovering that the only products available contained chemicals and carcinogens, she set out to create her own offerings that were 100% natural and safe in a quest to get hair and skin back in shape.

After some serious research–plus lots of trial and error–she created Pristine Recovery, her own line of effective, 100% natural, carcinogen-free solutions for her fellow cancer survivors, including a leave-in hair and scalp revival serum and décolleté and underarm massage cream for scarring and skin renewal. To ensure the line was up to snuff, Blaire contacted Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, the founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, who reviewed all of the ingredients and declared them are acceptable for safe public use, something critical to a cancer survivor in recovery. She has pledged to donate a percentage of the proceeds to two charities: the Young Survival Coalition and the Cancer Prevention Coalition.


Plus, this girl has some serious style and has designed all her products in an Old Hollywood Glamour theme, with names like ‘Brallywood Butta’ and ‘No More Scary Hair’. Blaire’s hope is “Pristine Recovery’s products promote a positive mind, a joyful spirit and a healthy lifestyle. There is finally a fun not depressing spin on a bad situation that has a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour!”

~Cologne Schmidt

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  1. Donna

    These products are absolutely amazing! Knowing that they are 100% natural eases your mind of everything, but the results are outstanding! The lotion makes your skin feel so nice and really does diminish the appearance of scars plus the light scent of lemon is so refreshing. The hair serum revitalized dry hair like no other product I have ever used it also does an amazing job on your cuticles as well! The Deoderant works so well and the scent of a orange creamsicle is so delighful. The products are fun to use but the results are the iceing on the cake and you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients! The best all natural products I have tried to date!!

  2. PinkLyfe

    how wonderful!! i’m going to pass this info onto my girl friend who has been going through breast cancer treatment for the last 7 months. she is a esthetician who owns her own business. i know she will appreciate a skin ann hair products geared for her and special needs.

    i love your blog BTW. i rarely miss a day reading it!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! It makes no sense to use beauty products with harsh chemicals in them when you’re going through chemo (or anytime, for that matter!)

  4. Mia

    I LOVE this stuff!!!! The products smell great and really work well. I love the concept and packaging, too!

  5. ashley

    I have been using the deoderant for several weeks and I love it. I also use the Butta and it has made my skin soooo soft. I haven;t tried the hair serum, but plan on it. I have told many of my girlfriends about the products and decided that this is going to be my gift to all the women I know as birthdays and Christmas’ come and go. I am hooked and I think others will be too.