Why retinoids are so important for your skin

Cologne writes

Skin guru, Dr. Leslie Baumann, shared her secrets with me on how to tackle every gal’s least favorite things: zits and wrinkles. In her opinion, no one should have to live with acne today given contemporary medicinal advancements and knowledge. And everyone should be aware of simple routines to effectively and efficiently prevent aging.

The most interesting and personally surprising recommendation Dr Baumann gave: everyone should use a retinoid daily—and not just for acne prevention, but for its powerful anti-aging properties, too.  (Thankfully, I have been using Differin for years, and am now thanking my dermatologist for maybe making me look a tad bit younger!)  Most retinoids can be obtained by a prescription (Retin-A, Differin), but it is also possible to obtain over the counter versions (retinol, which is found in many products from companies like Neutrogena and RoC). No matter what age or skin type you have, you should be using a daily retinoid.

As a girl who has tried practically every acne medication on the shelf, I was enthused by Dr. Baumann’s advice. First of all, acne is a combination of oil, bacteria, and clogged pores—thus it is essential to use products to battle all three of these issues. Certain products may fix one of these problems, (*cough*ProActiv*cough*) but only through fighting all three at once can acne be eliminated. Other than genes, friction can cause acne, as well as stress, dairy, and sugar (please, no wonder I break out).

There is no such thing as the perfect skin solution for everyone, because individual skin types differ drastically. Her new book, The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever, contains a quiz to determine your exact individual skin type, with dedicated chapters featuring customized advice for your particular skin type.

One interesting new product she mentioned is Solodyn, a once-daily pill in the doxy family. It’s the most-prescribed oral acne medication: a slow-release pill prescribed according to weight of the patient, with beneficial anti-aging properties.  Make sure, by the way, you give new acne products a full eight weeks before you judge them–beauty doesn’t happen overnight!

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  1. Tanya

    god i am having such skin problems at the moment!! i did always use differin then used something else and went back to differin years later and BAM my skin got way oily from it. My face was fine but just a few pimples on and off so i asked the dermo for something else as i never use over the counter. He gives me retin an micro and it wreaked havoc on my face- crazy welts and ahhhhhhhh. so now i am using trentin x ( my 2nd day). lord give me the strengh- i am going to be 30 and i want to wear a bag over my head! i am also trying the whole vitamin thing- vitamin a, zinc.. blah blah… ps i love sugar- how can i give up sugar!!