Chace Crawford is People’s Hottest Bachelor


The gorgeous Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl has been named People magazine’s Hottest Bachelor, in a move that I will admit surprised me for two reasons: 1) I cannot believe they didn’t play the Robert Pattinson card.  Seriously.  Shocked.  2) Frankly, I was under the assumption Chace Crawford was in the closet!  (And, yes, I’ve read the denials and the oh-so-charming quotes about laughing it all off with Ed Westwick.)  Weeeeell, I guess when the gay rumors start, maybe that’s when you know you’ve made it.  He certainly is a good-looking guy and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed for eating crackers!


In a completely unrelated coincidence, Chace will soon be coming to our screens as the star of the remake of Footloose!  I’m sure there was no PR lobbying behind the scenes at all.


Phew!  R-Patz is also on the top ten list.  All is right in the world.


Brody Jenner really annoys me, but this photo is hilarious.  What I find even more annoying is that he’s one of the few “celebrities” I share a birthday with.  At least my girl crush Queen Noor is also in our August 23rd club!  That’s right.  I count the Dowager Queen of Jordan as one of my girl crushes, because that’s how I roll.


And let’s throw in Chris Pine for good measure, because he is delicious.  Chris, I forgive you for both The Princess Diaries 2 and Audrina Patridge.

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  1. Tamara

    That Brody Jenner photo cracked me up too because it’s quite possibly the cheesiest thing I’ve seen People run in a looooong time. I sincerely hope he meant it to poke fun at himself. I lump him in the same category as Spencer Pratt, though I don’t think anyone can even hold a candle to Spencer’s obnoxiousness (is that even a word?).

    I think Chace is really good looking, but just can’t accept a bachelor that’s “prettier” than me. I like’em a bit more rugged…

  2. Shannon

    Chace’s dad is my dermatologist…his skin glows like he is super human. So it is so surprise that gorgeous, perfect-skin Chace Crawford got this–he is super human himself!