This press release for ALIEN by Thierry Mugler had me at “single-malt”

alien-liqueur-de-parfum-fragrance.jpgI look at hundreds of press releases per day.  (Sometimes it feels like millions.)  Most are samey-samey, blah blah, “try this product that will change your life forever”–but occasionally, one makes me sit up and take note.  For whatever reason, this press release today just did it for me.  I emailed the publicist back immediately and said, “Yes!  Please!  I must try!”


The fall chill is setting-in, the perfect time of year to reach for that bottle of single-malt that has been aging so delicately in your cabinet for years. But this time, try the non-alcoholic approach to warm the soul and make you smell oh so yummy – good enough to drink! (Well, almost!) Take a page out of Don Draper’s schedule and indulge all-day in Thierry Mugler’s “Liqueurs” without having to wait for happy-hour or worrying about boozing on the job – bonus, no hangover, guaranteed! They also make the perfect holiday gift!

Complete information on the exquisite limited edition fragrances, ANGEL Liqueur de Parfum and ALIEN Liqueur de Parfum by Thierry Mugler, are attached:

ALIEN Liqueur de Parfum: Intoxicating Sensuality

From a vision of the extraordinary and a solar aura, Thierry Mugler created Alien, a precious and radiant elixir seeped in mysterious sensuality.

Alien Eau de Parfum affirms its personality with a Liqueur de Parfum edition. Unsuspected richness, shaped by the unique expertise of the perfumer, characterizes this true olfactory creation.

Alien Liqueur de Parfum: the re-interpretation of an amber, woody, solar floral.

Textured, addictive variations reveal the richness of Alien Eau de Parfum after eight weeks of distillation in an oak cask, a method inspired by the techniques for creating prestigious rums.

Subtle almond notes reveal and enhance with their exquisite roundness. The woody amber notes of Alien provide an unusual signature for a creation of intense sensuality.

A jewel with spirit
Carved like a precious stone, the Alien Liqueur de Parfum bottle features the transparency and sparkle of cut crystal, better to reveal the liqueur-like amber color of the fragrance.

(Note from Jolie: Okay, now I’m thirsty.)

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  1. Isn’t it great when someone takes the time to do something in a creative way? After reading the release, I want to try it, too!