CoverGirl summer makeup launch

Jordan with CoverGirl makeup artist Molly Stern

Jordan Reid writes:

May 27th’s CoverGirl event in the gorgeous Openhouse gallery on Mulberry Street celebrated the launch of the line’s two newest products: Simply Ageless Serum Primer and Liquiline Blast eyeliner. At the event, makeup pro Molly Stern invited us to find a seat at the stunning, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque makeup counters, encouraged us to remove all of our makeup, and then gave us a full tutorial using the CoverGirl line. Fun!

Simply Ageless Serum Primer, which can be used with or without moisturizer, is intended to prep your skin so that you can better see where you really need coverage (Molly’s credo: “less is more”). I found it a little thick to use along with moisturizer – particularly in the summer – but did notice that my foundation glided on more easily following application. It may not be a product that I’ll use on a daily basis, but I’ll likely break it out on extra-special, do-it-up evenings.

The Liquiliner, which is intended to mimic the effect of liquid eyeliner, is a bit too lightly pigmented to actually replace my regular brand, but it’s definitely easier to apply, and would be ideal for those of you who prefer a slightly more natural look than yours truly. I like the idea of layering a bright shade of Liquiliner (such as Violet Voltage, my favorite) over my regular black liquid liner for a touch of nighttime drama.

Also, can I just say how much I adore their choice of Ellen DeGeneres as the latest Cover Girl? The other night, my husband and I actually rewound our DVR so that we could watch her commercial in its entirety – she’s just that adorable.

Take-home tip from Molly Stern: When purchasing foundation in a drugstore, check the color against the skin on the inside of your arm for a perfect match.

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