Robin deal-hunts for quality purses under $100

Robin Phelps writes:

Some people are concert pianists.  Others write epic dramas.  Me?  I’m a genius shopper. I can hunt down deals like a beagle sniffs out prey!  (Note from Jolie: I confirm this.  Robin’s deal IQ is Mensa-level.)  When it came time to find a high-quality, low-price new purse for spring/summer, however, this gal was struggling.

I can usually find an “under $100″ bag that looks more expensive, no problem.  Perhaps my taste is getting a bit more refined as I’m older, because I now find myself spending extra dough for higher quality. I concluded that I would likely splurge on a Marc Jacobs soon.

But last week, Nine West came to my budget’s rescue with a 30% off sale and super cute summer purses!

I walked in, hoping (but not expecting) that there would be something to quench my purse-thirst, and BAM! There were about 4 or 5 adorable, drool-worthy purses at just the right price.  I narrowed it down to a more reasonable 2, for only $80 total.  That’s right, this thrifty gal managed to snag 2 bags for less than 1/2 of what I would have paid for that MJ bag (after researching online for the lowest price possible, of course!)

The black bag is very sailor-chic with the straw pocket detailing and black canvas with white stitching. It was originally $79 but I got it for $40 after all sale prices.  The other bag is navy canvas with beading galore–and is this wannabe-hippie-girl’s dream!  The original price was $69, but I scored it for $35.

Now that I have the summer purses, my next mission is SWIMSUITS! Lord help me…

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