CoverGirl makeup artist Molly Stern preps Rashida Jones for the MTV Awards

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My new girl crush, Rashida Jones?  Yeah, she’s a stickler for proper grammar.

Earlier today, CoverGirl invited LA’s beauty blogging-finest to the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills to watch Rashida getting ready for the MTV Movie Awards.  (All my favorite West Coast ladies were there: Jamie from Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis, Cindy from Hello Dollface, Kristen, Sarah and Charli from Total Beauty, Sydne from, Amber from Beauty Junkies Unite, Monique from Beauty Girl Musings, Tara from When Tara Met Blog…and on, and on, and on. Plus…Intern Kayte, in her beauty event debut!)

The star of the hour, however, was obviously the disarmingly funny Rashida, who cracked jokes and rocked it out as CoverGirl makeup artist Molly Stern applied her makeup (lots of Simply Ageless sculpting cream blush in Lush Berry) and salon co-owner Byron Williams explained the mechanics of her braided updo.

Rashida.  Awesomeness.  My new (wannabe/fake) best friend.  Let’s discuss.

She recently published a graphic novel called Frenemy of the State.  She went to Harvard.  Mom is Peggy Lipton.  Pops is Quincy Jones.  She once had a public fight with Tupac…and refused to back down. She’s freaking gorgeous.

Oh, yes.  And she corrected several people at the event today for misusing the word regime in place of the proper word regimen.  “I just want you to be armed with information,” she said.  “It really is a pet peeve of mine.  There’s a little bit of sloppiness with words these days…I hate people who write T-H-X. You didn’t have time to write ‘thanks’?!”

Preaching to the choir, new favorite actress.  We’d wow you with our properly-spelled texts, we can just feel it.

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