Thierry Mugler launches Womanity

Contributing Editor Cologne Schmidt writes:

Thierry Mugler–the iconoclastic fragrance house which birthed love-it-or-loathe-it Angel and Nadine’s great obsession Alien–has just launched a new original scent: Womanity.  Mugler describes Womanity as the “The invisible bond between women,” and its baby pink liquid juxtaposed against its tough, statuesque flacon is certainly as bizarre a combination as the conflicting traits possessed by most women.

Like all Mugler perfumes, the juice is highly creative, and in this case, savory and sweet: the pretty notes of citrus and fig are made surprising by a salty base of caviar. Meanwhile, the flacon is supposed to represent whatever you want: tribal, urban, art deco, gothic, hippie, warrior, etc. We are connected though our own interpretations of something identical.

To me, Womanity smells more woody than sweet, but of course, perfume smells unique on each woman’s skin.  Certainly, the scent itself is bold and beautiful–just like the bottle!  (Note from Nadine: I concur–it’s a very cool, different fragrance worth checking out.)

Womanity is currently available on the Thierry Mugler website, and will be released at Bloomingdales in August.  Sizes range from 10 – 80 ml refillable bottles, at $28 for the smallest size.

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