Diane Kruger charms us at Calvin Klein Beauty fragrance lunch


Neo-lily, we meet again!

Alongside bloggers including Katherine Power from Who What Wear, Emily Schulman from Cupcakes and Cashmere and Annie Tomlin from BellaSugar (who had flown in from San Francisco just for the event), I had lunch yesterday with Diane Kruger at the Four Seasons in celebration of her new fragrance Calvin Klein Beauty.


Diane Kruger at ELLE Women in Hollywood tribute (WireImage; Vespa)

Diane, as you know, is stunning. What you might not know is that she’s also incredibly nice and very funny. She chatted with us for an hour, answering questions and talking about the process of working with Calvin Klein to give input on the fragrance.

We each had the chance to ask her a question, so I inquired about her personal beauty inspirations. She said she doesn’t have a beauty icon, per se, but gets inspired by costume designers on her sets, so after filming the sublime Inglourious Basterds, “I definitely overdid the red lipstick for way too long.”

The previous night, she’d been honored by ELLE magazine at their Women in Hollywood awards, and her blue eyeliner/eyeshadow (NARS) was inspired by Facebook photos of her 16-year-old Parisian goddaughter (who she calls “so very chic”).  Nice to know that even celebrities Facebook-stalk!


A few other tidbits:

– Diane said, “I love fake lashes – I’m obsessed.”

– When queried by our gal Jamie Stone of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis about what advice she’d give to her 22-year old self, Diane responded with a laugh, ” To relax!”

– She confessed that an ex-boyfriend had used and loved Calvin Klein Eternity, which “smelled great on him.  I bought it for Josh (Jackson), and it didn’t smell so good – it was kind of creepy.”  She then talked about how perfume is such a personal thing that smells different on each person, which everybody can certainly relate to!

– When asked, “When do you feel most beautiful?” Diane responded, “When somebody I love looks at me and can just tell you’re happy.”

– Her recent splurge? An Hermes Constance bag. Meanwhile, she estimates that she has 20 Chanel bags.

– Fun fact: Karl Lagerfeld is her neighbor in Paris, where she has an apartment.  She says, “He’s the only person in Paris who drives a Hummer,” and later says, “He owns nearly half the block and he’s constantly trying to buy my apartment.” Apparently, Karl has scores of groupies who loiter outside their building, which we can personally attest to from our trip 2 years ago to Paris!

– Diane speaks German, English and French fluently. Her tip for learning French? “Start with a French boyfriend!”

– And finally, Diane’s beauty routine is as follows: Cetaphil; L’Oreal Triple Active Jour Day; Kiehl’s Blue Toner; CoverGirl concealer (“I have bad undereye bags from my Polish grandmother,” she says); and L’Oreal Extreme Lash mascara.

Thanks to Calvin Klein Beauty for such a fun lunch, and thanks to Diane Kruger for being so cool and down-to-earth!

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