Madonna’s Before and After Airbrushed Dolce and Gabbana Images

Another day, another leaked set of celebrity “before and after” airbrushed images. This time, the offenders are Dolce and Gabbana, and the celebrity in question is Madonna. The Daily Mail published these photos, and while they’re usually over-the-top in their mildly self-righteous Outrage! and Shock!, I do agree that it’s important for you to see the reality of what goes on, so that you understand that even Madonna doesn’t look like Madonna.

It takes a village, people: even after the personal trainers and makeup artists and colorists and wardrobe stylists, the naturally gorgeous, possibly cosmetically-enhanced celebrity still needs an airbrusher to make them look “better.”

Madonna before airbrushing

Madonna after airbrushing: notice that the veins are gone, her skin is smoother, and her jawline and cheekbones are more defined

  • shle896
    October 4, 2010

    I’m sorry, but these “before” photos are so DOCTORED, its shameless! Why would you even publish this ridiculous story that originated from – a British tabloid!? Give me a break.

    Look at any paparazzi photo of Madonna on any given day of the week and you can see that she doesn’t look like this! How irresponsible of you to perpetuate this crap! What a joke!

  • Phoebe Lai
    October 5, 2010

    @shle896: why would you say they are doctored? I think Madonna still looks great. There is obviously nothing different about her famously pampered face. Older people usually have veins that stick out, and that might have just been an unfortunate camera angle that highlighted all of that. I do think her working out is a bit ridiculous. Who needs to have those kind of arms?

  • Emma
    October 5, 2010

    I’ sorry shle896, but Madona does look like that!

    But I don’t think there is anything wrong about being human and she souldn’t be mad about those photos leaks…

  • JoJo
    October 6, 2010

    Madonna cannot lose to Gaga! She’s the ORIGINAL diva! Vote for her to win here:

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