Amanda Peet and I talk aging, Botox and Diane Keaton with Crest 3D White Express


Last week, I spent half an hour at the Roosevelt Hotel chatting with Amanda Peet, the newest spokesperson for Crest 3D White. (Clearly, as you can see above, Amanda makes perfect sense to work with Crest Whitestrips: she has the most perfect smile.)

I’m always skeptical of at-home tooth whitening. My teeth are super sensitive, so after using whitestrips–or, God forbid, having an in-office procedure–I have to pop painkillers like they’re candy. Amanda admitted that she can relate and also suffers from tooth sensitivity, but promised me that the 2 Hour Express Whitestrips didn’t give her any pain. I’m trusting you, Amanda!


In other news, not only was Amanda ridiculously gorgeous, but she was also very down-to-earth, funny and real. She talked about her naivete around plastic surgery–genuinely querying me, “But how can you tell when somebody’s had something done?!”–and upon hearing that I’d had Botox, exploded on me: “WHAT?  You’re twelve!!” (Later, when talking about my relative youth, my age was downgraded to four!)

I joked that the title of my piece was going to be “Amanda Peet yells at me for getting Botox,” but that led us into a longer discussion about aging in Hollywood, honesty about imperfections (I said, “Hey, at least I’m not lying about getting it done!” which she agreed was something), and the stresses/lack of sleep of motherhood.


Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give - one of my favorite chick flicks!

And, while I now have a total girl crush on Amanda, for the record, she has as big a girl crush on Diane Keaton–her cool, beautiful, iconic, naturally-aging costar in Something’s Gotta Give–as the rest of the world does.

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