Make Up For Ever’s Unretouched Makeup Ads

While flipping through the new issue of Cosmo on the plane from Los Angeles to Dallas, I came across this Make Up For Ever ad claiming to be the first unretouched makeup ad. (The fine print even says it was certified by a notary public.)


There are, apparently, 3 other ads the company has released, which you can see here. Perhaps if I actually read magazines other than Tatler, The Week and Entertainment Weekly–oh, or Kate Middleton biographiesI might have come across them sooner!

The quality of the above ad is abysmal, since I uploaded it from my phone, but what I like about the actual image are the little details: the lumps on the model’s underarm, the whisps of hair, the lines on her fingers. They’re the sort of inoffensive things most people would barely notice–accustomed as we are to scrolling through endless Facebook photos of real, imperfect, yet still attractive people on a daily basis–but which magazine/Madison Avenue airbrushers have built entire careers on.

Keep it up, beauty industry! Between this and the various Dove campaigns, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

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