Butterfly Boutique in London

I have been meaning to write about this forever, but time has totally gotten away from me!

Back in April, I went to an adorable hair bar in London called Butterfly Boutique that specializes in quickly styling hair and applying makeup before events. Many of their clients are actually busy City women who regularly pop-in before work in the mornings so they don’t have to do their hair and makeup themselves!

K.Sned and I went in the evening, after she got off work, to have our hair and makeup touched up before a friend’s birthday party that night. (God, remembering my 3 weeks there in April, I’m suddenly struck with such a longing for London that it’s almost painful!) I requested Brigitte Bardot-style sex-bomb curls, as you can see here. While one stylist touched up my hair (they speed up the process by working on already-styled hair or re-wetting it, rather than washing and blowdrying it), another amplified my makeup–and the whole thing took less than half an hour.

Butterfly Boutique also offers a ton of great products that are hard to find in London, such as Jonathan Hair Care and catwalk-favorite nail brand Ciate. The general vibe was awesome: down-to-earth, girlie, and fun. I highly recommend a pop-in if you’re in London–and tell ’em Jolie sent you!

Butterfly Boutique is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 7:30pm. Visit their website at Butterfly-London.com, or call 020 7283 5000.

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