Gloria interviews E! News’ Giuliana Rancic

Contributing Editor Gloria Yang writes:

Gloria Yang and Guiliana Rancic

Guiliana Rancic and Gloria Yang at the DDF Sephora event

I caught up with Giuliana Rancic, the new spokesperson for DDF Skincare, at a meet and greet at Sephora Beverly Center a while back.  Needless to say, I was beyond excited: I actually went out and got a new dress for the event!  After all, I had to look good since the entire interview was filmed for Giuliana’s reality show on Style Network, Giuliana & Bill.  Read on to find out what we chatted about.

On her skincare routine:

Giuliana shares that she has been using DDF Skincare for 7 years, since she was first introduced to it at the makeup studios at E!  She keeps her routine fairly simple: cleanse both AM and PM, moisturize with SPF, and don’t forget to always use the “very important” eye cream.  Her tip for any excess eye cream: “Use it on your cuticles.”

On DDF Revolve 400x

To make sure her skin looks flawless on multiple cameras, Giuliana uses DDF Revolve 400x twice a week. Revolve is completely “AMAZEBALLS!  After you rinse off the crystals, your skin will feel like butter!” According to Giuliana, “a baby’s bottom will have nothing on it (your skin)!”  Guiliana points out that DDF Revolve costs less than $100, saying, “That money is much better spent on shoes and bags.”

DDF Revolve 400x

DDF Revolve 400x Micro-Polishing System

Giuliana says she loves that Revolve 400x allows her to not wear foundation.  “Women shouldn’t wear foundation.  There are only two reasons for wearing foundation: A, because you’re on television, and B, to cover up imperfections.  If you have great skin, you don’t have to cover anything.”

The best part of her April trip to England:

In short: fascinators and Bill!  Giuliana gushed: “My husband surprised me by showing up!”

Travel essentials:

Giuliana’s must haves include “moisturizers because I take such long flights, water sprays to sprits my skin, and lip gloss because my lips often dry out.”

What’s coming up for Giuliana:

Giuliana shared: “Yes, I am starting a fashion line and I’m so excited!  It’s coming out next spring, and instead of the normal black and nudes, it’ll have a pop of color and it’s going to be fun.”

I certainly can’t wait for Giuliana’s new line, and I certainly am anxiously awaiting the episode starring yours truly on Style’s Giuliana & Bill!

Tune into her show on Style Network to (hopefully) catch a glimpse of me, and check out the DDF Revolve 400x.  It’s available at Sephora for $95.

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