Ramble: Thomas Laine earrings, Cod Liver Oil, Lauren Bush’s wild west wedding photo, and stylehaus

I wondered when the photos of Lauren Bush‘s wedding to David Lauren would be published! Apparently the answer is: in the January issue of Vogue. La-ti-da. Lauren looks straight up gorgeous! (Although I feel like Jesse James and Billy the Kid are about to photo bomb at any second.)

Lauren Bush and David Lauren wedding photo

Lauren Bush and David Lauren wedding photo (Vogue/Norman Jean Roy)

Remember how I mentioned earlier this year that I was using cod liver oil pills and apple cider vinegar to treat my then-acne-prone skin? They’ve been working excellently for me, but I also switched to Pevonia/Clarins skincare and had a ViPeel–plus I’m much less stressed, which is hugely important. However, I just received this great email from a reader that not only made my day but also convinced me of cod liver oil’s miracle skin powers. I’m sold!

I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time and I really enjoy it. I want to thank you for your post last spring about cod liver oil and acne, it has changed my life.

I suffer from a rare form of rosacea that is quite difficult to treat. My dermatologist at UCSF, who specializes in rosacea, said it is the most difficult case he has ever had. I have tried every type of medication over the years, one even made my feet numb, but an anti-maleria medication finally did the trick.This medication has several side effects so I didn’t want to take it long term. Once I stopped taking the medication my rosacea continued to be a problem.

Then I saw your post on cod liver oil for adult acne. Since rosacea is a form of adult acne I thought I would try it. Bingo… I have been taking the cod liver oil since the day after your post with great success. On a side note my skin hasn’t ever looked better.

Thanks for all the great advice.”

Nadine Jolie wearing Thomas Laine earrings

I love my Ben Amun earrings from Thomas Laine!

Also, I’ve been LOVING these Ben Amun gold and Swarovski crystal earrings from Thomas Laine, an online jewelry retailer with the cutest jewelry at really awesome prices.  (These Ben Amun earrings–which, disclosure, were sent to me by the Thomas Laine PR–only cost $97.) I’ve been wearing them everywhere. I think it’s time for my friends to stage a jewelry intervention. Here’s another view:

Ben Amun earrings at Thomas Laine

Ben Amun gold and Swarovski crystal earrings at Thomas Laine

Finally, I went today to a brand-new, just-opened boutique on Melrose Place in West Hollywood today called stylehaüs. stylehaüs is the first-ever members-only clothing boutique and styling service hybrid, where for a $1000/year membership you get a personal stylist on call, access to a 24/7 “fashion emergency” line (they’ll bring you clothes if yours tear during a date, get stained right before a big event, etc), a seasonal closet consult at your house, and private appointments at the stylehaüs showroom. It’s helmed by Creative Director Marina Monroe. They’re offering a limited-amount of day passes for $100, so if you want to check it out yourself, get cracking!


stylehaus on Melrose Place (from the Elle blog)

The clothing selection there is AMAZING, and even better, they have clothing at all prices. I like fashion as much as the next girl, but I don’t exactly have a model body (hello, thighs and booty!) and I’m not willing to spend as much money as I was when I was younger and more frivolous. I like my deals! I’m mega-excited about stylehaüs, however, and have been kindly treated to a year-long membership, so I’ll keep you posted on my experiences there. For more information, visit Stylehaus.com.

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  1. Leesha

    Just started reading your blog this past month…so far, love the content! And I just so happen to adore British royalty news so I don’t mind Kate posts either. ;)

    One thought: I know I always have a bunch of beauty questions so maybe you could get a formspring so you could directly answer readers’ questions? Just a thought. Love your blog!!