KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment Gloss

Hello from Intern Nan! I’m currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) where I’m majoring in beauty. (Yes! You can actually major in beauty!) I mean, it’s only fitting since I’ve been playing with makeup since I was five. I still remember sneaking into my aunt’s bathroom and trying on every.single.beauty.product.

Baby Intern Nan (wearing aunt's makeup and boots!)

I go through my random obsessions, cycling through purple lipstick, teal eye shadow and liquid eyeliners. But a quick glance through my makeup collection will show that I’m mostly obsessed with lip gloss. Lately, my lips have been seriously dry, changing my lip focus from glitz to healing. So I’ve been diving into the chap sticks and lip balms to get softer lips. My gorgeous glosses have been neglected and with spring and summer approaching, I want to show my pretty pout with a little color, shine and smoothness.

Fast forward to today and I’m in love with the KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment Gloss. It’s not just a gloss, as the name obviously implies. It’s infused with SPF 20 to protect against the sun and also has an anti-aging formula that helps moisturize my lips. I have been applying the gloss, oh, about 100 times a day! But even when my lips are bare (no gloss, lipstick, etc.), they feel smooth and soft. I haven’t experienced this type of result with any other lip gloss, ever.

kaplan md lip gloss

KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment Gloss (Peach Sparkle)

The KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment gloss gives a sheer, shimmer look. The one that I have been using is Peach Sparkle but there are seven other beautiful “sparkles”. Dr. Kaplan, creator of the brand and products, uses real ingredients for real results. His products can be found at Neiman Marcus. While most of his products include skin care, we sometimes forget that our lips age too, which is why he also has these amazing lip glosses and lip colors that alleviate or prevent aging on our lips.

I can now apply my fave lip color without having to worry about my lips being dry and looking “chapped”. I then apply the KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment Gloss over my lip color for a hint of sparkle and voila! I’m ready for spring!

Check out KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment here.

kaplan md gloss

KaplanMD LIP 20 Treatment Gloss

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