Beauty Product Rave: Amika Power Cloud Blowdryer


My roommate bought this Amika Power Cloud blowdryer a few days ago and was raving about how amazing it was. When my own drier conked out, sneaking into her room and testing it was a no brainer. (Sorry A.!)

Um. Amazing.

Let’s set aside the fact that it is adorable. I mean, it’s so pretty I wanted to do an entire photo shoot with it but settled just for the picture above. (Also: look! Baby’s first Shellac!) It’s ionic and tourmaline-charged and technologically advanced and helps reduce frizz and will do your laundry and cook you dinner.

I already liked Amika because of their yummy Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask, which is thick and goopy and great for dry, damaged hair–plus A. swears by their clamp-free curling iron–so this cinches the love. It’s a great line and if you haven’t already checked it out, you should.

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