On our way to Kruger National Park!

It’s already day 5 of my South Africa trip and I can’t believe how quickly the time has zoomed by. Our internet here is a bit spotty, which is why I haven’t updated or uploaded any photos, and the precious time I do have online I’ve had to spend working. (Life goes on for a social media consultant and freelance writer, even when halfway around the world!)

This weekend in Johannesburg was wonderful: we went to the Apartheid Museum, which was the most powerful place I’ve ever been bar the Holocaust Museum. T’s family threw us a braai (traditional South African barbecue) and we also went to her grandfather’s 85th birthday party. Now T. and I are on our way to Kruger National Park this morning, heading to Royal Malewane game reserve. My fingers are crossed we spot one of the so-called Big 5.

Honestly, I’ve been a little down in the dumps while here because of the aforementioned romantic troubles. Breakups are never fun, and even less so when you’re on the other side of the globe, wondering what the hell happened. My journal has gotten an intense workout while here, believe you me. Going to T.’s grandfather’s 85th birthday party was really therapeutic. Seeing him surrounded by all his loving family and friends was a powerful reminder that that is my goal. All the bumps along the way? Necessary steps on the journey.

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  1. Sarah C

    Breakups are really hard, but you’re doing the right thing by focusing on other parts of your life. Travelling can be a good distraction. A lot of us are going through relationship difficulties and appreciate when you share little bits of your life and experiences with us!
    Enjoy your travels Nadine!