How to Line Your Eyes Without Smudging (from!)


Perfectly rimmed eyes are incredibly sexy: very daring, very French, very je-ne-sais-quoi. However, when done improperly, eyeliner can devolve into a smudgy, messy disaster. Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can follow to get your liner looking chic and keep it perfect all day — and all night.

Step 1: Prep the Eye

Liner is more likely to slip and slide on oily eyelids. Prep your lids by using an eyelid primer and gently patting it on with a finger or brush. Next, apply a light dusting of loose powder as a base to help give your liner an anchor. [How-To: Here’s everything you need to know about makeup primers.]

Step 2: Choose the Right Formula

As the name suggests, waterproof eyeliner is likely to go the distance. Liquid eyeliner is another long-lasting champ, although it can be notoriously difficult to apply. (Steady hands required!) If you use a pencil or cream, an extra step or two will be required to set it properly.

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