Charlotte Casiraghi in the new Gucci campaign

And in the latest royal news…Charlotte Casiraghi, Queen Beatrix, and more

We have a few developments:

Charlotte Casiraghi in the new Gucci campaign

Charlotte Casiraghi in the new Gucci campaign

Our girl Charlotte Casiraghi is continuing her relationship with Gucci, posing in her third campaign. Love this one.

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly: less Botox. Equally icy. (Photo: People Style Watch)

Speaking of Charlotte, have you heard about the scandalous bio pic of her grandmother Grace Kelly, starring Nicole Kidman? It reportedly has the House of Grimaldi in a tizzy with its reports of how Princess Grace wanted to leave Prince Rainier to go back to Hollywood and star in a Hitchcock film. Rainier reportedly forbade it, and Grace stayed in Monaco, a beautiful canary locked in her gilded cage (or something like that). Shades of Princess Charlene, per’aps?

Prince Charles rides the London Tube

I say, Camilla. Aren’t these modern wagons droll? Now, I’ve had quite enough: back to the Rolls Royce we go! (Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Charles rode the London Underground Tube–one stop–to celebrate its 150th anniversary. You will never see this again, so enjoy.

Queen Beatrix with her son Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his beautiful wife Princess Maxima: Minus the hats, they could really just be a gang of WASP-y Bostonians, amiright?

And Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced that she’s abdicating her throne in favor of her son Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. Newspapers freaked out, screaming “Will Queen Elizabeth do the same?!” The answer is: no. No, she won’t. See my full explanation of why Elizabeth will NEVER abdicate (and I mean, never, ever, never, ever) on my Facebook page.

(And I just found this wonderful article, written by a BU professor on Modern British History named Arianne Chernock, with quotes from Elizabeth, as well as the difference between the Dutch and Britsh monarchies throughout history. Excellent read.)

Royalty! Jazz hands!

Psst: Miss you, Duchess Kate. Come out with your bump-y self and play!

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