Hair Tutorial: How to Get Beachy Waves

The two questions I’m asked most by my friends are how to properly apply eyeshadow and how to get beachy waves. The eyeshadow video will be coming soon, and here’s a little beachy waves tutorial!

Step 1: Wash hair.

Step 2: Air-dry hair (or blow it mostly dry).

Step 3: Coil hair in spirals.

Step 4: Wrap hair around itself into Princess Leia-style buns.

Step 5: Secure with an elastic. (I like to use headbands, because then there are no indentations in hair).

Step 6: Blast with heat and then let cool for as long as possible. (I’ll normally do this routine in the morning and wear the coils all day, then take them out at night).

Step 7: Shake out waves and brush hair if you want a more polished look. Apply glossing cream to ends.

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