State of the Hair Union: Products I’m Loving Now

I’m back on the videos! Just as giving myself the freedom to do Ramble posts last year when I was totally stressed and overworked kept me writing, allowing myself to post semi-crappy videos like these (no editing necessary!) will ensure that I git ‘er done. Ahh, to clone myself. (Or just have an assistant.)

My hair is thick, coarse, dry and damaged. I’m forever searching for the best intensive conditioner–and then a couple of weeks ago I “shopped my closet” and rediscovered an old favorite: LiQWD Silk Intensive Professional Hydrating Conditioner. I used it, promptly remembered why I was so damn obsessed in the first place, and then rocked gorgeous hair for half a week. This stuff is TO DIE FOR. It detangles, hydrates and conditions like nothing else. As of now, it occupies my position of honor as Best Intensive Conditioner of All Time.

The other product that’s getting a lot of rotation ’round these here parts is Klorane Dry Shampoo. I love dry shampoos, as you might know, because I’m laaaazy. (Also, because washing my dry hair more than two or three times a week is a no-no.) Klorane isn’t for everybody: it’s white as powdered sugar, super thick, and leaves hair gummy and tacky. For all these reasons, I love it so. I want my dry shampoo to work. I want my dry shampoo to run marathons. I want my dry shampoo to be so dramatic it merits its own Bravo special with Andy Cohen. A few spritzes of the Klorane dry shampoo, a quick brush-through, and you’re good for hours with huge, matte, va-va-voom volume, even if your hair is several days dirty. It’s a powerhouse.

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  1. howie

    you’re really rockin those bangs, nadine. they look good, but i still think you should go short.