Beauty Inspiration: Cindy Crawford for Meaningful Beauty


There are supermodels, and then there is Cindy Crawford.


Cindy Crawford in a high school yearbook photo

Cindy is obviously one of the most enduring supermodels of our time: you know that.

What you might not know is that she’s crazy smart. Not only was she valedictorian of her high school class (testament to her diligence and a great work-ethic), but she also went to Northwestern on an academic scholarship for Chemical Engineering.

You know, as most models do.


Remember this? Cindy Crawford on the inaugural cover of JFK Jr.’s George magazine

Over the years, Cindy has consistently remained not only relevant but totally trend-setting, blowing away records with her at-home fitness DVDs, pioneering fashion TV with MTV’s House of Style, and starring in iconic commercials and videos for George Michael, Pepsi and Revlon.


Cindy’s famous 1991 Pepsi commercial (which she then recreated in 2002 for Diet Pepsi)

It’s Cindy’s prescient entrepreneurship that allowed her to endure while other supermodels from the glamazon 80s and 90s were dropping like flies: she began her Meaningful Beauty skincare collaboration with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh in 2004 and has since raked in money hand-over-fist.

Cindy was once quoted as saying “What I did discover, once I started these other businesses, is that even though there are finance guys or marketing specialists in the room, no one knows more about my brand than me.”


Cindy’s Shape magazine covers in 1992 and 2012…20 years apart

I interviewed Cindy last week as part of my 21-day #MeaningfulChanges program with Cindy Crawford for Meaningful Beauty. She’s just as inspiring and cool as I would have hoped. Voila!

How long have you been working with Dr Sebagh? What was it about his approach to skin that made you want to collaborate?  

I first started going to Dr Sebagh almost 20 years ago. Even after just one of his vitamin treatments, I noticed a difference in my skin. I’ve been a fan of his ever since!  When it became more difficult for me to see him as I wasn’t coming to Paris as much, he and I would joke about him bottling his treatments. That’s how Meaningful Beauty was born. I love that he really loves women and that he want their skin to look great so they don’t feel like they have to hide it under makeup. I also saw that he has been so far ahead of the curve in terms of technology.

Tell me more about the Crème de Serum and the magical-sounding melon enzyme extract it contains! How does it work to improve your skin?

Crème de Serum is one of my favorite items in the system–so much so that we call it the crème de la crème. It’s unique in that it combines three different products swirled into one that gives hydration and protection with anti-aging peptides, hyaluronic acid and the Melon Complex. The microencapsulated Melon Complex is full of antioxidants to fight off free-radical damage that can age skin and the serum also helps with fine lines and wrinkles.


What do you say to women who have tried a seemingly endless rotation of beauty products and are skeptical of Meaningful Beauty’s benefits?

I would say I completely understand that, because that’s exactly how I felt and why I created Meaningful Beauty. I was constantly searching and trying new products, and once I found Jean Louis and trusted that he knew what he was doing, I could stop searching and know I was giving my skin exactly what it needed by using the products he’d give me. After all these years, from being the very first customer, I’ve gotten the results I wanted…and hope other people will experience the same thing.

You’ve created an empire and are a tremendously successful businesswoman, as well as a wife, a mother and the world’s most enduring supermodel. How do you carve out restorative space for yourself and do you have any tips for women struggling with full plates?

I think all of us have full plates!  That is a modern dilemma. I do know though, that if I don’t take care of myself, I have less to give my family and at work, so I am pretty religious about making time to workout (2-4 times a week). I also usually start my day with a 10 minute jacuzzi before anyone else in my house is even up. I use that time to feel gratitude and see my intention for the day.

Finally, I’m getting married in November: any wedding day skincare tips or tricks you might pass along? 

Congratulations!  I actually used the Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum the day of my wedding and my friend, Sonia Kashuk, who was doing my makeup, said she couldn’t believe how great my skin looked! (She knew I had just flown back from Dubai which normally would dull my skin a bit). My other suggestion is not to get a facial or eyebrow waxing too close to the big day–I’ve seen that be a problem for some brides. Lastly, it’s such a great day where the bride gets to feel like a princess. Getting hair and makeup is part of that, but often I see women make the mistake of having their hair and makeup so different than how they look in day to day life.  My preference is just to use those tools to look like the best you and not some different person. Remember–he already asked you to marry him!

Too true: you’re stuck with me, E.! I may not have Cindy Crawford’s genes, but I’m hopeful that a lifetime of 9 hours sleep, antioxidants, sunscreen, and healthy diet choices will keep me looking almost as good as Cindy when I’m in my late 40s.

[And congratulations to the winner of the Meaningful Beauty 30 Day Skincare System: Marth E on YouTube!]

Disclosure: While this post was sponsored by Meaningful Beauty, as always, all opinions remain my own.

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  1. Wow! She is so beautiful! I had no idea she was a valedictorian. She is super successful and has worked her butt off for it. Congratulations on the new product. I am definitely going to try it out.