Nadine and Erik-MBE-wedding

Here’s our Wedding Inspiration board!

When E. and I hired Merryl Brown Events, we began tossing ideas back and forth on Pinterest, filled out a multi-page questionnaire, then went up to Santa Barbara to meet Merryl in person. After rounds of phone calls and emails, Merryl Brown and her team had a complete sense of what E. and I wanted for our wedding: something elegant, incorporating our love of travel, with whimsical European touches.

Merryl and Kathryn took the vague ideas E. and I presented them with, rounded them out beautifully, and presented us with two awesome inspiration boards. We picked this one.


Nadine and Erik-MBE-wedding
As you can see, the general vibe will be very “1930s European princess returning on the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express to her Tuscan castle” (at least, that’s my wordy take!).

E. and I have happily put ourselves in Merryl’s hands, and we can’t wait to see how she brings the vision to life. It’ll feature, at least in part, vintage steamer trunks, a long banquet table, candles everywhere, dramatic lighting, and royal blue with blood orange accents.

So excited!

I recently bought my dress, which I’m dying to share with you, but E. reads this blog and I obviously want to surprise him. Instead, I’ll be sharing some of the dresses I didn’t pick in an upcoming post, and dish with you guys all about what went into the search.

Read more about our work with Merryl Brown Events wedding coordinators here!

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