Introducing our Wedding Coordinator: Merryl Brown Events


The wedding planning has begun!

When we got engaged, E. and I decided that we didn’t want a complex wedding. We wanted something elegant, we wanted something small, and neither of us had the time (or the expertise!) to bring our hopes and vision to life.

It was quickly decided that we needed a wedding planner. I mean, this stuff is a full-time job.

Enter Merryl Brown Events.


If you’re throwing an event in Santa Barbara, Merryl Brown Events is the go-to coordinator, regularly handling charity balls, parties, dinners, corporate events, mitzvahs and (of course) weddings at over-the-top locations like the Four Seasons Biltmore, San Ysidro Ranch, and the Bacara Resort.

Merryl herself was formerly Director of PR and Events at Saks Fifth Avenue Santa Barbara, and she also has a Masters in International Relations from Columbia. Her trusty Senior Project Manager Kathryn Edwards came to Merryl’s team from the White House, where she traveled internationally with President Obama and Vice Prez Biden, coordinating events.

C’mon. You don’t get smarter, more detail-oriented, or cooler-under-pressure than that!

Everybody we talked to about Merryl Brown and her team raved about their creativity, attention to detail, discretion and integrity, not to mention their personalized, concierge-style service. We loved, as well, that they pride themselves on originality and never doing the same event twice, so we knew that our wedding would be completely unique.

[Sure, in a way, all weddings are the same: love, food, dancing! However, the devil is in the details…and I can’t wait to share some of ours with you tomorrow…]


Speaking of details, what we’ve loved about the Merryl Brown Events wedding coordinator team is the time they’ve spent getting to know E. and me. We interviewed several Santa Barbara wedding coordinators and the other bunch ultimately made us feel like nothing more than a paycheck. Merryl and Kathryn, meanwhile, keep in close contact via phone, text, email and even social media (our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds are getting a lot of love!) and sat down with us for several hours after we hired them to plot wedding strategy and discuss our vision.

I was a bit naive when it came to wedding planning, thinking you’d just pick the dress, organize the food, drinks and DJ, and basically be done with it.

Oh, Jolie. Bless your heart.


Thank God Merryl and Kathryn gently eased us into it, because once we realized the full scope of what went into planning a wedding, our heads started spinning. They’ve been using their prodigious contacts and expertise to help with things like linens, flowers, china, flatware, musicians, videographer, caterers, menus/place cards, and rehearsal dinner, as well as to keep us on schedule and remind us when we need to make decisions. The wedding is about three months away, and thanks to MBE, the finish line is (meticulously) in sight.

Not having to deal with all those little details, but feeling confident that we’re going to have a gorgeous, smooth, exceptionally-planned wedding? Worth every penny!

Check back tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing photos and the inspiration board that Merryl Brown Events created for us! (UPDATE: See the wedding inspiration board here.)

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  1. Congratulations, Nadine! I’m so happy that you’re working with Merryl Brown Events and that I will be your videographer on your very special day. Looking forward to meeting you and playing with you.