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One of the movies I’m most looking forward to seeing this fall is the new romantic comedy About Time, starring Rachel McAdams. Once I saw the trailer, I was so convinced that the movie was based off some amazing British book that I went on a Google spiral. Turns out, it’s an original screenplay from Richard Curtis, the creator of Love, Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Even better!


About Time is a comedy about love and time travel (yes, really), and promises to have the kind of laughs and tears which made books (not the movie) like One Day so amazing. Take a peek at the trailer here:

I can relate to the idea of having a life-changing moment that completely alters your course. I’ve had two such moments, for better or for worse: when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and then when I met E.

It seems hard to believe that it’s only been 7 months since E. and I met, since my life really and truly has changed since March. Before E., I felt like I was going through the world solo, with my struggles harder and sharper, nobody at my back. Now, I have a confidant, a support, and shield. I’m part of a team. I’m no longer alone. I can relate to the desire of About Time‘s main character Tim to change his own history, because recently I’ve been desperately wishing my mother were here with me to help plan the wedding as I marry my soul-mate. I know that our wedding day won’t go perfectly, and that I can only expect the unexpected…both on that day, and in our lives together. Of course, I also know there’s no sweet without the sour, and I feel confident that I’ve picked the right person to weather life’s ups and downs with.

This December 14th will mark five years since my mom is gone, and it’s almost unfathomable how quickly time has passed. It makes me sad that Mama Jolie can’t meet E., but I know that she would have absolutely loved him. We’re having our Dallas ceremony on December 14th, so it will feel like my mother is there with us that day. Honoring her by bringing all our families together on her day brings it all full-circle!

About Time opens in theaters November 8th.

Disclosure: While this post was sponsored by Universal Pictures through their partnership with PopSugar and I was compensated for my writing, as always, all opinions remain my own.

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