Kate Middleton has grey hair, wrinkles, is a real live girl

Stop. The. Presses.


Kate Middleton was out and about in London today for Remembrance Day, looking very real. Not impossibly perfect. Not inhumanly glossy. Just…like a tired, puffy eyed, “haven’t had a chance to do my roots and cover my grey hairs” mom. One wearing a gorgeous LK Bennett coat and with Prince William on her arm.

It’s a reminder that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge is a person. Who probably hasn’t slept a lot in the past three months. Who keeps getting trotted out to events where she has to put on a pretty face and smile. Who would likely rather be home bonding with her son (or sleeping).


I don’t feel any schadenfreude glee about this. I want her to sleep, take care of herself, and only re-emerge when she can be sparkly, happy, unicorn Princess Kate. Otherwise, it’s simply a depressing reminder of the fishbowl situation she’s traded away normalcy for.

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  1. E.

    Ah, scary! The grey hair, I mean. Isn’t she too young to have grey roots? I don’t know, but my sister is in her late twentites (she has no greys, luckily), so maybe I will also fare well in the greying department. Well, fingers crossed.

    Yeah, I don’t feel glee about her greying hair either. I’m envious of her hair. It’s long and lustrous. A little grey here and there…so what? This is why hair dye was invented.

    I don’t think she should have higher standards applied to her than anyone else. She’s not a model or celebrity, after all. She doesn’t have to look her best at all times. Even so, she looks nice here. People should give her a break. She’s a new mom.