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Does Vaseline Help Dry Skin?

As you guys might remember from recent posts, I’ve been battling dry skin as of late. So, I’ve been learning everything I can get my little hands on to combat the flakes and replenish moisture.

Dry skin? Not on my watch!

One of the single most effective products for dry skin costs about two bucks at the drugstore and is one of the most popular beauty products of all time: the original dry skin healer, good ol’ Vaseline. (It’s been around since 1870!)

Vaseline Jelly

Vaseline Jelly Healing Hand and Nail Recipe: Vaseline + Gloves = Soft, Hydrated Hands and Cuticles!

Vaseline Jelly heals dry skin by locking in moisture–it helps create an intercellular occlusive barrier–and there’s no doubt that this stuff works. However, it often seems to suffer from the misconception that it clogs pores. Nein.

The breakdown: Vaseline Jelly is 100% pure, triple-purified, and highly refined to remove any impurities. It’s actually non-comedogenic (aka, it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts), hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, and it helps protect your skin from environmental stresses while accelerating that all-important barrier recovery function. (And apparently the flip-top jar is recyclable, too!)

A major difference between Vaseline Jelly and other moisturizers is the way they help repair skin. While many moisturizers either sit topically on top of the skin or pass too-quickly through the protective barrier (mineral oil is a key culprit of this), Vaseline Jelly penetrates dry skin to create an intercellular occlusive barrier on the surface skin and lock in moisture. Sciencey-science!

What it comes down to is this: there’s a reason women like Marilyn Monroe (and likely your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother) have been swearing by Vaseline Jelly since Queen Victoria ruled Britannia. It has a million uses…and it simply works!

Nadine Jolie Vaseline Jelly

I have a few favorite moisturizing tricks, and they work perfectly with Vaseline Jelly to maximize its hydrating goodness:


At Home Healing Scrub

  1. Mix Vaseline Jelly with sea salt to create a scrub
  2. Apply to legs and rub in a circular motion to buff skin gently and help get rid of dry skin
  3. Rinse scrub off with warm water
  4. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly to heal and moisturize dry skin

Vaseline Jelly Healing Hands

Healing Foot Treatment

  1. Before bed, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly to the heels and balls of your feet
  2. Cover feet with a pair of socks and let feet soak in Vaseline Jelly overnight
  3. Remove socks in the morning and wipe off the remaining Vaseline Jelly
  4. For best results, use once or twice a week


Healing Hand and Nail Treatment

  1. Before bed, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly to the top and bottom of your hands
  2. Cover hands with a pair of cotton gloves and let Vaseline Jelly soak in overnight
  3. Remove gloves in the morning and dry off the remaining Vaseline Jelly
  4. Apply a dab to of Vaseline Jelly to fingernails to keep them resilient while also keeping cuticles soft
  5. Massage into fingers for five seconds each
  6. Trim nails as desired and paint with your favorite pop of color
  7. Put Vaseline Jelly on rim of nail polish to prevent sticking

Vaseline Jelly is available in three variants:

Vaseline Jelly Cocoa Butter

Vaseline Jelly Original: Moisturizes to heal and provide visible relief from dry skin (when used regularly), helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns, reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines, and protects skin from windburn and chapping.

Vaseline Jelly Baby: A gentle jelly that keeps babies’ skin soft and smooth and helps seal out wetness.

Vaseline Rich Conditioning Jelly Cocoa Butter: Keeps skin visibly healthy and glowing all day, moisturizes to heal dry skin, and contains cocoa butter, an emollient known to help hydrate the skin and lock in moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Does Vaseline Jelly help dry skin? Yes!

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  1. Jim

    What happens to vaseline after it sits a while on the skin? I notice it melts or something? What is happening to it at that time chemically? What are best safest ways to remove it from your skin without re-adding more moisture or whiping?

  2. Autumn

    I just wanted to reply to Jim’s question above. What is happening is the molecules that make up Vaseline are speeding up due to the heat of your skin. Similarly seen in ice melting into water, as heat speeds up the molecules they turn from solid to liquid, and even liquid to gas(think steam). This process in no way adversely affects the product.

  3. Khalid

    It’s real I did it for two weeks non stop and after 10 days the dark spots are removed from my feet but I don’t like the hand one and when I stopped using Vaseline and socks my feet became dry it’s addictive to the feet. But I use a really thick petroleum jelly