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So, I started working on this post last week, but then I left for Rancho Valencia and got distracted, as you do.

And then Gwyneth and Chris broke up.

I must confess, there are few things I find more juicy than a celebrity breakup. I can pretend I’m high-minded, reading articles on and The Daily Beast about Syria and the Ukraine, but then one of my favorite actresses splits with the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, and it’s ALL I WANT TO READ ABOUT.

Anyhow, Conscious Uncoupling aside, there’s no denying that Gwyneth has really good skin. Apparently, she uses In a nutshell: Restorsea products are excellent.

The whole line is powered by something called Vibransea complex, which uses an active enzyme derived from Norwegian salmon called Aquabeautine XL. (Don’t you feel like all skincare companies need these crazy backstories nowadays? It’s not enough to have a good skin cream. We don’t want to talk to you unless your serum is derived from the foreskins of Japanese baby whales.)

Restorsea Renormalizing Serum

So, when salmon are born, they release this magical Aquabeautine XL enzyme, which has both a protein and an exfoliant. The protein attaches to the egg shell, so the story goes, while the exfoliant dissolves that area before the enzyme turns off. The baby salmon then exits its shell, and the miracles of the animal kingdom continue.

The reason this backstory is important is because most exfoliants are harsh and irritating. But an enzyme that turns itself off and only dissolves dead skin cells (allowing living ones to thrive)…well, that’s a good yarn. As a result, Restorsea helps improve skin texture and tone, and reduces the appearance of age spots and fine lines without the harsh side effects you’ll get from, say, Retin-A or glycolic acid.

Pretty cool, no?

I’ve used most of the products in the line, and my favorite is the Renormalizing Serum, which won’t clog pores, goes on light and sinks into skin, and doesn’t cause acne. (Important factors for skin like mine!) All Restorsea products are free of parabens, phthalates, silicone oil and mineral oil, btw, and the Reviving Cleanser and Restoring Night Cream (excellent for dry skin) are also tops for restoring sensitive skin to gorgeous condition.

The products aren’t cheap, which is the only bummer. The Renormalizing Serum retails for a whopping $195, although you can buy the travel size for $32.50. It’s still expensive considering you only get .16 ounces, but at least it allows you to try before you mortgage your house.

No wonder Gwyneth loves this stuff.

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