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When I was younger, my mother was all about organic and natural products. She shopped at health food stores way before Whole Foods even existed, and would do (to me) weird things like drink raw, unpasteurized milk, eat local honey for its immunity properties, and spend way too much money on the organic produce upgrade. Of course, this is all super common now! A trend-setter, Mama Jolie was.

Perhaps as a reaction to my mother, I’ve never paid much attention to the quality of my foods. Sure, being raised on organic fruits and veggies means that you’re naturally drawn to healthy foods, so luckily I’m hardly a chips and cookies addict. But I never really cared whether something was organic, locally-grown, soy or not soy, with hormones, or sustainably-raised. As long as it was relatively healthy and tasted good, I was in!


My pledge: less of this…

For whatever reason—probably because I live in California now, and its inescapable!—I’ve started to think more about my food choices in the past year. When I’m buying chicken, I’ll take a peek at the packaging and gravitate toward the hormone-free version. My eggs are suddenly cage-free, brown, Omega-3s. My strawberries must be organic. I’ve pledged to lead a healthier life, and I’m trying to make these choices in my food.

No more processed; I pledge to be organic from now on!


…and more of this!

I’m making some pledges in my skincare routine, as well. Check back on June 1st to find out how I’m switching things up to achieve my best beautiful!

Disclosure: While this post was sponsored by Olay Sensitive Body Wash and SheKnows, as always, all opinions remain my own.

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