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BeautyMama’s Hair Rules for Moms

Contributor Michele Brown of BeautyMama writes:

I don’t want to be dramatic, but motherhood is a doozy on your body and your beauty. Not a permanent doozy, mind you. Generally, what goes up goes back down (your belly), what expands eventually retracts (hips, belly buttons), what surfaces (zits, rashes) usually resolves—and months of strange cravings and unwieldy emotions usually lead to that one indelible moment (holding your new baby) that (almost) cancels out all that un-fun stuff.

Also, by the end, you have a full, lustrous head of hair.

There are many theories why pregnant women grow wondrous manes. Hormones. Prenatal vitamins. No one really knows for sure. The important thing to realize is that full head of hair is fleeting. A few weeks after giving birth you start to shed. Like, hundreds upon hundreds of strands a day. Your shower drain will clog. Your brush will look like Cousin It. While it will be a little scary, it will stop. I promise. And over the course of the year, you will grow baby bangs (remember Katie Holmes’ wedding photos?) and have an undergrowth of short fuzzy hair around your entire head.

In time, it will all settle…around the exact same time your baby turns into a toddler you can’t take your eyes off of because she has started climbing the furniture and you caught her thisclose to actually hanging from the chandelier. Or maybe that’s just me. More likely, your little one has dropped his morning nap and you’re wearing a ponytail every day because you either:

A: don’t have time to shower and wash your hair


B: you just can’t.

Hair. It’s complicated. If you’re reading this and you have children under the age of three, I feel for you. There is no harder time as a mom to look good. But it can be done. With two kids under my belt and a lot of trial and error, I’ve put together some guidelines that I hope might empower you to break out of that bun.

Here are my Five Hair Rules for Moms

1: Buy Investment Pieces
Consider your money well spent on good shampoos. Luxe hair masks. Quality hot tools. A great colorist. A top-notch stylist. Keeping your hair well-maintained goes a long way to keeping your hair looking good every day.

2: You Don’t Need to Have Clean Hair
I’m a firm believer in washing hair as infrequently as possible. Your color will stay fresher. Your hair will be healthier. You’ll have more time everyday. Embrace dry shampoos. Buy a fabulous shower cap. I always get the most compliments on my hair when it’s “dirty.” Which leads us to my next rule.

3: The Thanksgiving Approach to Hair
You know how we start with turkey but might end up with turkey hash three days later? I am a firm believer in reinventing your hairstyle after an initial washing for as many days as possible. As hair gets more texture, change the style. Maybe on day two, you add a few waves with a wand. Or go half up. Then maybe on day three wear a top-knot with a skinny headband. You get the idea.

4: Adopt a Hair Schedule
To the best of your ability, schedule your hair the way you schedule your kids’ activities. I find this takes a lot of stress out of the week. I plan my sweaty workouts and hair-washing days in advance as best as I can. I know moms who wash and dry their hair at night after the kids go to bed. I know moms who get one great blowout each week and make it last. I know moms who sleep in foam rollers. Whatever the plan is, I think it’s useful to try to get a brush up on your hair schedule.

5: Don’t Experiment
Wait until your hair has shed and grown back in and your baby is on a more predictable schedule before you cut bangs for the first time since elementary school. Or dye your black hair blonde. It could be postpartum hormones toying with your sense of self. Maintaining a new hairstyle or color, even one you like, usually takes time and practice–two things you might not have in excess at the moment. Let’s not even discuss what happens if you’re not happy with your new look.

Do you have a postpartum hair story? Please share in the comments!

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