Princess Charlene of Monaco twins

Princess Charlene of Monaco gives birth to twins, and Will ‘n Kate take New York


Princess Charlene of Monaco has given birth and the gossip was correct: she had twins! What’s fun is that she had a girl and a boy (little Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie and little Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier)…and the girl was born first. Hooray!

What’s not so fun is, because Monaco still has arcane laws favoring boys on the books, Jacques will be the heir, even though his sister was born two minutes prior. Jacques receives the title Marquis of Baux.

Lame, Monaco. Very lame.

Prince Albert Princess Charlene Princess Grace

Meanwhile, in other royal news, you couldn’t have missed the fact that William and Kate visited New York this week. I went to bed crazy early last night, and so missed the opportunity to live stalk their St. Andrews gala appearance at the Met, but I woke this morning to some great photos:

St. Andrews 600th Anniversary Dinner - Arrivals

Kate’s pretty blue gown was by Jenny Packham. I didn’t realize until perusing that it’s her third time wearing it. Sheesh. What a crap royal watcher I am!

St. Andrews 600th Anniversary Dinner - Inside

Here’s a peek at the back of Kate’s dress, plus her elegant chignon. Personally, I always prefer her hair down: it’s a better look on her, methinks. Still, it’s nice to see her mixing it up. (And we have a Princess Eugenie sighting, too!)

Prince William and Kate Middleton meet Beyonce and Jay Z

Two nights ago, William and Kate took in a Brooklyn Nets game, where they met Beyonce and Jay-Z. I’m not the world’s biggest Beyonce fan (I don’t dislike her, I just don’t get the adulation and fawning), so all the “ZOMG American royalty meets British royalty!” headlines left me a little grumpy.

William and Kate meet Lebron

What did make me laugh were all the other headlines freaking out when LeBron James met Kate and put his arm around her. Was it a breach of royal protocol? Technically, sure. But I think the monarchy will survive. (Now putting your arm around The Queen…ooohboy! That’s another story. I’m looking at you, Michelle Obama!)

Kate pink coat New York City

William and Kate’s visit was too short, but quite excellent. Here’s hoping they visit again in another couple of years, next time with Prince George and the new baby in tow!

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