Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Color Captivating Treatment for Color Treated Hair

Buy This: Redken Color Extend Magnetics Color Captivating Treatment

I have, one might say, an intensive conditioner problem. (I prefer to think of it as an intensive conditioner solution.)

My thick, frizzy hair is in better shape than it used to be thanks to Paul Jean, my hair salvation. He’s led me away from the bottle and shown me the light in the form of painted-on balayage. Not only is it less damaging, it grows out so much more easily. That’s a huge bonus for somebody as lazy as moi.

But even with my hair in better condition, I’m still addicted to goopy, creamy, hydrating intensive conditioners. If regular ol’ conditioners are McDonalds hamburgers, then the best intensive conditioners are Mastro’s filets of Wagyu beef, served with a glass of Opus One.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Intensive Conditioner for Color Treated Hair


As you can see from this terribly high-end beauty product photoshoot in my bathroom, I do, indeed, have a lot of intensive conditioners. This is just one shelf. There’s another (and two drawers with jars yet to be opened), trust. And of all the intensive conditioners in intensive conditioner land, the one that I’ve found myself reaching for over and over again recently is Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Color Captivating Treatment for Color-Treated Hair.

Whew! Try saying that five times fast.

It smells fine: it’s not like THE GREATEST SCENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE or anything, but I don’t need style over substance. What I want is an intensive conditioner that will make my hair feel like butter. One that detangles snags like a dream. Something to leave my hair soft and silky after a blow-dry. If it’s sulfate-free and full of fortifying protein and color-safe and amino ion-charged, so much the better.

Check, check, check, check.

Recently, one of my friends dyed her hair for the first time (in her 30s! I know!). She separately asked me and my good friend Jamie Stone of Honestly, Jamie for recommendations on the best conditioner for color-treated hair. Of course, I said the Redken. A few minutes later, my friend texted back: “Jamie recommended the same one!”

Well, obviously. Because it’s amazing.

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  1. DRS

    As the friend who asked for the conditioner suggestion I can confirm that Redken is indeed amazing!