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Erik and I have very different travel styles. He’s all about lists, plans, and itineraries, and I like to go with the flow. He wants to wake up early to pack AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE into each day. Meanwhile, if I’m awake before 11 am, the day is already a failure (or I clearly didn’t have enough fun the night before).

When we were planning our honeymoon, we knew two things: we wanted it to be long, and we wanted it to be epic.

One of those choices was a very big mistake.

Going to Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia all but guarantees the epic part. I worked with the tourism boards to put together some next-level awesome experiences–not to mention, did a lot of good old-fashioned planning, researching, and booking myself–which meant we spent the trip doing things like climbing the Harbour Bridge and celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Opera House in Sydney, riding a junk boat under the stars and Hong Kong skyline in the middle of Victoria Harbour or eating pork buns at the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant Tim Ho Wan, and climbing around Hobbit holes and exploring the Waitomo glowworm caves in New Zealand.

However, one month is a long time to be away from home, even under the most ideal of circumstances–and by the end of the trip, we felt like we’d been on honeymoon for a year.

Did I mentioned we’d only been dating 8 months by that point…and were already married? Oh, and had cameras following our every move?

Voila! Drama, served on a platter!

When Erik and I saw the episode and our fight at the Big Buddha, we alternated between laughing and groaning. On the one hand, it was entertaining to rewatch and remember how irritated we were with each other that day. (Read all the backstory here on BravoTV.com.) On the other hand, as I also say in the blog post: if you get into a fight at a gorgeous temple in Hong Kong, you’re an asshole.

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos from our honeymoon!



Hong Kong Cathay Pacific

Erik Courtney Cathay Pacific Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Business Class

I’ve been lucky enough to fly International Business Class a couple of times, and Cathay Pacific Business Class smoked them all.

Erik and Nadine honeymoon Hong Kong 2

Hong Kong view 2

Hong Kong night harbour

Hong Kong junk boat 2

That VIEW. I’d been dreaming of Hong Kong for years because I was dying to see the famous Hong Kong skyline. For the best views, take the tram to the top of Victoria Peak during the day, and then ride a junk boat through the harbour at night.

Hong Kong chef

Food at Bo Innovation, helmed by three Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung.

Hong Kong horseracing

A day at the races! Sha Tin and Happy Valley Racecourses are two of the most famous in the world.

Hong Kong snake soup

Snake soup: eek!

Hong Kong street

Sams Tailor honeymoon

Hong Kong Big Buddha

Hong Kong statues 2

Hong Kong statues

Hong Kong dragon

Temple Hong Kong

Hong Kong has so many must-visit temples, including Sik Sik Yuen Wong, Chi Lin Nunnery, and of course the Big Buddha.

Sevva 2 Hong Kong

Sevva Hong Kong 2

Sevva Hong Kong

One of my favorite afternoons in Hong Kong was spent at Sevva, a beautiful art-inspired restaurant and bar in the Princes Building. We had afternoon tea and champagne and ate delicious cakes while overlooking the city skyline.

Hong Kong Discovery Bay


QT hotel stairway

QT hotel hallway

QT hotel room

QT Hotel

The QT Hotel

Kangaroo Island windblown in wild


Kangaroo island binoculars

seals on kangaroo island

Kangaroo Island


Qualia sunset

Erik Qualia


At Qualia, off Hamilton Island


Hells Gate

Queenstown Below Zero


Gunpowder rum

Wellington cocktails


To see more from our honeymoon, click here!

And here are more photos on our Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Nadine! I discovered your blog after seeing you and Erik on Bravo. Y’all are our favorite couple on the show! Your honeymoon looks amazing, but I agree- being away from home for a month would be very taxing on a new marriage! We’re enjoying your adventures as a new couple; can’t wait to see more on Bravo and here on your blog!

  2. Hi Kit! Hooray, I’m so happy to hear it – you made our day! :) It was such a fun honeymoon…but just too damn long. We look back and pinch ourselves at the great memories, but at the time it started to feel like a stressful slog by the end!

    Thanks so much for watching the show and I hope you enjoy the next few episodes!