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Do you still consider yourself a beauty blogger?

I’ve posted a lot recently about being discontented with beauty blogging–to the point where readers, Facebook friends, and even Erik have all commented asking what my next step is now that I’m “no longer a beauty blogger.”

You might have noticed that I just revamped the site. There’s a lot more that I want to write explaining why I had to do two revamps in 6 months, so I’m saving it for another day. (It’s late, it’s a Newlyweds night, and I have an early morning.) #readbetweenthelines

But there’s one question that seemed like a perfect jumping-off point for the “welcome to the new site” post:

You’ve talked about being bored with beauty blogging. Do you still consider yourself a beauty blogger?

I believe with every fiber of my being that all woman deserve to look and feel their personal best.

As a 15 year+ beauty “expert” with access to new products and top salons and industry pioneers, I want to pass along all that insider knowledge to you. I still love beauty blogging and consider it an honor to be in this industry.

My issues with beauty blogging are because of the way blogging has changed in the post-Instagram era. It used to be about providing a service for readers: now, it’s about racking up social media numbers—and posting really, really pretty pictures, because apparently words are boring—so you can be $valuable$ for sponsored posts. I played that game for a while, and it didn’t sit right with me: quite simply, it felt gross.

I got into beauty blogging because I wanted to connect with readers and I wanted to spread some rare, sorely-needed truth. Then beauty blogging became popular, a Thing, and a job—and a job is about getting paid. Getting paid usually isn’t synonymous with truth: if you piss off the people writing the checks, checks don’t get written.

I spent a couple of years hand-wringing, and then I finally realized I needed to take myself out of the game altogether for a while to cleanse my palette and get some perspective.

I still consider myself a beauty blogger: I’m a blogger for life, and beauty blogging is my first love. But I mean it when I say I’m not in it for the paycheck. I’m not in it for the sponsored post. I’m not in it for the free jar of stem cell cream. I’m in it because I believe there is still a perspective lacking—now, more than ever.

Naturally, as my life has changed and I’ve gotten married and started a family, my worldview has changed, too. I want to write about my life and my experiences: and now they include marriage, and babies, and ailing family members, and travel, and midlife crises, and depression, and things that sometimes aren’t so pretty.

I’m ready to go there. Again.

Please know that I appreciate and adore each and every one of you and feel honored to serve the readers who have hung on for the ride. Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful!

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  1. Lindsey

    Nadine, thank you for your beautiful post! It truly makes my heart so happy to hear you truthfully speaking about the blogging industry. I would much rather read someone’s honesty, values and stories than ad posts with photoshopped, unrealistic women who are in the industry for fame and money. Bless your family and blog!

  2. Claire

    As someone who’s followed you your entire career, you also infuse things with a breath of fresh air. I’ve become disillusioned with most blogs, but I still find myself coming here again and again for your perspective and you’re honesty. You’re one of the classics (and I don’t just mean that because you’ve been doing this for so long. ;-) ) Cheers to new things and babies! :-)