Princess Charlotte

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Duchess Kate stole my name.

Now that we know Princess Charlotte’s full name–Charlotte Elizabeth Diana–it feels like it could never have been anything but.

Charlotte, for grandpa Chazza.

Elizabeth, for stone-cold bad-ass great-granny Liz.

and Diana, for the Queen of Hearts.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was selfishly hoping William and Kate didn’t pick Charlotte: it’s one of my favorite girl names! I named the protagonist in Wisteria Charlotte (by the by, it’s also Pippa’s middle name). And if we were lucky enough to have a second baby girl, she would have been named Charlotte (with her middle name–you guessed it–Elizabeth).

Alas. At least I can revel in the fact that la Duch and I are clearly on the same wavelength.

As for our own baby girl name, we’re going to reveal it to you very, very soon…so stay tuned! Only two episodes of Newlyweds left. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by. Erik and I are both sad to see it go and excited to return to “normal” life.

But, oh, how that definition of normal has changed…


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