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Romancing the Throne: publishing summer 2017!

I have exciting news: my next book (formerly known as Wisteria) has a new, official title. It will publish next summer as Romancing the Throne!

It’s been a thousand years since I posted, I know. Mostly, it’s because I’m DEEP in baby-land, but it’s also because I was working on edits to Wisteria (crap, erm, I mean, Romancing the Throne), ghostwriting a skincare book, writing my first article for Town & Country magazine (!), carving out family time, and generally trying to keep the ship afloat.

Surprisingly, it’s been working. Life is hectic, life is messy, but life is good.

I’d like to start updating again more frequently, but I think bite-sized posts/letters here and there is the most I can promise. I’d write more now, but Aurelia is literally at this very moment pulling on my pant-leg, like “Come ON, Mom, let’s get this show on the road.” We have a park to get to, and 15 month olds generally aren’t know for their reasoning skills.

Like I said…hectic, but good.

Miss writing to you all, but more to come soon!

xo, Nadine


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