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It’s been a while

As I sat down to write this post, I thought: “Damn. I don’t even know what to write about anymore!”

I’m not a beauty blogger any longer. Chronicling my life with Aurelia seems trite (not to mention lazy). And as for my various musings on everything, over the past few years, I’ve come to feel like…um, who cares? (Plus: Instagram. I’m basically mini-blogging my life there at the moment, with a little cleanup on Snapchat: I’m nadinecourtney there.)

It feels like, recently (and by recently, I mean since 2013!), the only thing I’ve written about is how there’s not really anything interesting to write about anymore!

Aurelia 2

Aurelia 3

Aurelia 1

Aurelia 4

As with any muscle, if you don’t exercise it, it grows flabby, and my blogging muscles have become very flabby. (I know there’s a better, more eloquent way to express that, but I’m on deadline, and Aurelia is watching Under the Sea on the iPad on repeat while I write this, and I haven’t showered yet even though it’s 11:25 am, so that’ll have to do.)

I’m going to TRY to get back on the blogging wagon. I’m horrible at following through on my sincere blogging promises–by now, you guys know this about me. I have the best of intentions, and then life gets in the way. But I find that making a public declaration is sometimes the best way to hold yourself accountable, so here goes. Let’s give it a shot one more time.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing up a storm OFF the blog. I’ve submitted ROMANCING THE THRONE, which comes out next summer (keep you all posted on that as I have more news, but in the meantime, click here to mark it as a Want to Read on Goodreads!), am waiting for feedback from my editor on a new project I wrote (fingers crossed), and have been freelancing like nobody’s business.

Exhibits A, B, C, and D, here:

How to Travel Around the World With a Baby (Vogue) (Um, let’s repeat that: VOGUE!!!!)

Secret Societies of the Ivy League (Town & Country)

The World’s Most Extravagant Hotel Experiences (Harper’s Bazaar)

These 19 Institutions Are the Ivy-League of Summer Camps (Town & Country)

Where to Find Young Royals in London (Harper’s Bazaar)

See? I AM writing! Just…er, not here. But I’m going to try and change that: starting right NOW.

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  1. Tete

    Hi Nadine,

    I’ve always read you (since I’ve met your story on Cosmopolitan), so I’m looking four your next posts or maybe videos too hehehe. It’s great to see you again on this side: the blog.

    Greetings from Mexico and sorry for my written English in advance,


  2. Mimi

    Hey! Just wanted to pop in and say that you still have readers who will eat up anything you write. Me personally, I would love to read posts on little Aurelia or just what you’ve been up to (I’m nosy like that.. haha!).

    Mimi | According to Mimi

  3. Rhonda Wallace

    I’m so proud of you! I’ve said it before – when it’s the right time, you’ll come back loaded with ideas for your blog and we’ll be waiting here for you.

  4. Bri

    Love the Vogue article on baby travel! Thank you!! Getting ready to take our 7 month old on a trip to Europe. Very helpful tips!