Aurelia Courtney

We are potty training. Pray for us.

As I posted on Instagram yesterday, Aurelia just up and decided that she was DONE with diapers.

She’s only 22 months, and hasn’t exactly been advanced when it comes to major milestones like rolling over, walking, and talking, so I wasn’t prepared for this. At all. The only thing she did do early was sleep through the night, and that’s because I used a parent-led approach at 8 weeks (which totally worked miracles in only 3 days and saved my sanity, by the way).

Because I am a neurotic person, I need to do copious amounts of research before I feel comfortable committing to a plan. With sleep training, I had months (including during my pregnancy) to leisurely read books and study methods before finding one (Moms On Call) that made sense to me and which easily worked for us.

With potty training, there’s none of that. Little Girl forced my hand.

So, I spent a few minutes yesterday frantically Googling, kept following her naked butt around the house with the potty (weirdly, to some success!), and then handed off duties to Erik when he got home and raced to the library to pick up a potty training book.

We’re using the Oh Crap! Potty Training method, which basically involved moving through the steps from Clueless to I Peed to I’m Peeing to I Have to Go Pee. It’s been moderately successful so far, but I’m expecting many, many setbacks and accidents.

Wish us luck!

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