Presenting Mid-Life Crisis Jolie

I realized something basic and silly and obvious while in bed last night:


Technically, it might be a third-life crisis, since I hope my time won’t be up when I hit 68, but the fact remains: I just turned 34. I’m a year away from 35, that classic old “holy shit, what am I doing with my life?” milestone. And I work in an industry that, for the most part, is a young woman’s game.

A few things that made me happy this week

My beauty cabinet: finally organized! MAC nail polish in Play Day, a creamy spring-y orange: This "greatest hits" beauty product mailing from Neiman Marcus: Especially this Jason Wu Orchid Rain candle featuring white orchid, nashi pear, pomegranate and goji berry: Very few things are more exciting or more delicious than a Mastro's martini: Excepting, of course, Robbie Williams!! What else do ...