Niacin Skin Benefits

For years, I’ve thought of myself as having awful skin–stemming from the rosacea and acne that plagued me throughout my teenage years. In reality, at some point within the past two years, my skin has simply…cleared up. No more giant chin cysts. No more random forehead zits. Dramatically less redness. Normal, not Exxon-Valdez, levels of oiliness. In short: just, skin.

I should take clear, happy, healthy skin as a compliment, but I can’t help but view it with suspicion and dismay. You know what this means, don’t you? It means I have adult skin! I am no longer young! I have outgrown my teenage hormones!

The logical conclusion: death is nigh.

I’m Quoted on Anti-Aging Tips for Women in their 40s

Look who's quoted on in an article on anti-aging tips for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s! (Yes, spoiler alert: that would be me.)  A Newfound Youth: 40s For many women, 40 is a newfound youth complete with girlfriend getaways, adventurous family vacations, and exotic retreats without the kids. Amidst it all, consistency in your ...

Sonya Dakar’s New “Fade Away” Lightening Treatment Review

Intern Olivia writes: Skincare specialist Sonya Dakar has launched a new lightening treatment, “Fade Away”, on June 15th--ideal for those who suffer from photo-aging, sunspots, or even acne scarring (which is why I use it). It's paraben-free and vegan, which is just an added bonus. Fade Away uses not only one but five different active lightening ...