Ashley Ashoff James Goldstein Crocodile Dandy T-Shirt

While procrastinating from writing--whoops, I mean, working extremely hard on my next book--I came across this article on Refinery29 identifying James Goldstein: the "mysterious cowboy at all those fashion shows." Now, it is VERY rare that I'm in-the-know when it comes to fashion, but while reading this piece, for once in my blooming life I felt cool. James ...

My Favorite Duchess Kate Outfits From Her Tour Down Under

Before Kate and Co. went on their Australia and New Zealand tour, I was experiencing major royal fatigue–paradoxically, I think, from not seeing them enough. (Out of sight, out of mind, etc, etc.) But after three weeks of William, Kate, and Prince “Cheeks” George parading around non-stop in the cutest outfits, all I want is more!

Easily manipulated, obviously.

Now that the tour has finally finished, I’ve had a chance to go back through Kate’s outfits and pick my favorites: